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I. Call to Order – Tim Plank

II. February Meeting Minutes – Tim Plank (See Marybeth’s email)

III. Finance & Administration – Florence May and Stacy Nielsen

a. Quarterly Financials (See Christina’s email)

i. Review

ii. Sign Off Process each Quarter (draft document)

b. General Finance

i. Funds moved within services line items for ArcDesign and Appraisal fees. (See Christina’s email)

ii. Update on reimbursement for State Grant.

iii. Vote to set up new grant fund for HCCF $1000 donation.

c. Internal Controls

i. Vote on Updated Internal Controls (see Flory’s email)

ii. Due Diligence: Christina IC video and signature form

d. Fire Territory Budgeting Process

i. Status Report: Major Goals discussed in early April; Proposed Budget will be discussed at May 10 Fire Territory meeting.

e. Tax Cap Report Status

i. Budget Implications from county wide higher property AV

ii. Update from Michael Reuter

f. Asset Management

i. Surplus Equipment Policy

1. Jeff Bellamy created.

2. For Review and Discussion

3. Vote

ii. Construction Policy

1. Jeff reviewing new SBOA requirements

2. Review in May

iii. Capital Assets

1. Ledger Requirements based on new SBOA manual

a. Fire Engine Valuation

b. Cemetery Valuation

c. Others

2. Capital Assets Policy

a. Useful life

b. Apply Depreciation


iv. Reimbursement Policy

1. Internet, Phone and Zoom

2. Gives us the option to reimburse


g. Bondry Financial Feasibility Study – Florence May

i. Goals

ii. Next Steps

h. State Board of Accounts Training – Florence May

i. Increase Trustee Bond to $120,000 prior to first Territory revenue receipt. Lona Huffman at RT Insurance is working on this.

ii. Vernon Township Fire Territory is not a separate government entity. Contracting can only happen through Vernon Township. Jeff Bellamy reiterated that a territory is only a Cooperative Services Agreement.

IV. Community Engagement – Stacy Nielsen

a. Community Garden

i. HCCF Grant for $1000

ii. Spring Schedule

iii. Participation

b. Betterflye Initiative

i. Cooperative schedule

ii. Online volunteer and initiative program

c. Library Partnership

i. Digital Scanning of Cemetery Binders

ii. Garden and Fire Chief Reading Program

V. Property Management – Stacy Nielsen

a. Inspection Status

i. 620 Vitality

ii. McCordsville Volunteer Station

b. Sale of 700 W. Broadway

i. Document Legal Review

ii. Timeline update to better align with 602 Vitality Construction


c. 602 Vitality

i. Needs assessment and Space analysis complete with ArcDesign

1. Vernon Township and VTFD Input

2. Room for future expansion if needed and funding would allow

3. Board Q&A

ii. Next Steps

1. Construction bidding process/timeline – next phase

2. ArcDesign contract next phase

3. Conservative Approach with our Funding

d. Transfer Vernon Township Tornado Sirens to Hancock County – Florence May and Marybeth Sears

i. County Update

ii. County Commissioner Discussion

1. County Commissioner meeting on April 20th

2. Next Steps

a. If yes, Votes on mirror resolutions to transfer property between government agencies. Jeff Bellamy will work with the County attorney.

b. If no, Maintenance agreement pending.

VI. Old Business – Tim Plank

VII. New Business – Tim Plank

VIII. Call to Adjourn – Tim Plank


– Stop in the township office to sign the February Minutes and the Quarterly Financial Review Form.

– Next Township Meeting is May 19

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