I. Call Meeting to Order – Gary Sharrett

II. Vote on January 2019 Township Minutes – Gary Sharrett

III. 2019 Annual Report – Florence May

a. Challenges

i. Two different departments with goal to respond

ii. Aging equipment and apparatus

iii. Property wasn’t appraised or sold in 2018 to fund 2019

iv. Debt levy wasn’t filed in 2018 for December 2019 collection

v. Property taxes unaddressed – 6 months to resolve

vi. 2019 budget didn’t include new fire station operations and manpower needs

vii. Growth appeals had not been submitted; low tax rate not in line with growth

b. Priorities

i. Due diligence in pricing and necessity

ii. Coordinated buys for VTFD, no longer two different departments

iii. PO process/cash preservation mode/triage approach

iv. Money redirected to additional personnel and gear

v. Spend to revenue

c. Goals

i. Improve response time with the appropriate manpower and equipment

ii. Develop multi-year plan of action with balanced budget

d. Discussion

IV. 2020 Legislation – Florence May

a. Special Legislation Update (HB 1113)

b. Additional Legislation Update (HB 1065)

V. Finance – Amanda Fronek

a. Salary Resolution

b. Investment Policy

c. Cum Fund Notice – Advertise Notice in Mid February and early March

VI. Fire and EMS – Florence May

a. Fire

i. Todd Jordan resignation accepted

ii. Co- Chiefs: Kent Helpling (Operations) and Kiely Culberson (EMS) named

iii. Chief Interview process

iv. Fire Banquet: Notes of Appreciation

v. Green Township Contract

vi. McCordsville Station Lease

b. EMS

i. Medicare and Medicaid Certifications Approved

ii. ESO documents our runs and billing information

iii. Med-bill has started billing for runs in mid-January

c. Grants

i. SAFER Grant – Manpower and Equipment

ii. Training Grant

iii. Complimentary Grant Writing Assistance

VII. Property Management – Stacy Nielsen and Florence May a. Parks – Stacy

i. Priorities

ii. Budget Realities

b. Community Garden -Stacy

i. Partnership with Mt Vernon FFA

ii. Public Meeting on February 17 at 6:30 p.m.

c. Medical Center

i. Roof Repair

ii. Medical Center/Adjacent Land/Seals Building

1. Options for Sale/Lease

7:00 p.m. Katie Sobotowski – CBRE Presentation

7:15 p.m. Jordan Kornmann – FC Tucker

2. Discussion/Next Steps

VIII. Vote to Adjourn – Gary Sharrett

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