1. Call to Order – Tim Plank

2. Review April Minutes – Tim Plank

3. Finance & Administration

a. Quarterly Finance Report – Beth Marsh

b. Equipment Replacement Fund Status

i. Pending Certification Letters from Lisa Lofgreen

ii. Next Steps? Jeff and Michael?

c. EMMA Filing Status

i. Andrew Zeller at Bondry

ii. Completion expectation

d. Work Comp Audit

i. Completed

ii. Pending results

e. Professional Trainings

i. TOMs – Stacy Nielsen

ii. SBOA and Cyber Security – Florence May

f. Bank Account Update

i. SBOA Process

ii. Old Account

iii. New Account

g. EMS Finances

i. 2021 Cost Report status

ii. VA ecams status

h. Equipment Surplus Status – Mark Elder

i. Grants

i. HCCF $1000 for Joint Community Garden – Stacy Nielsen

ii. NineStar $4212 Round Up for 2 Pak-Trackers – Mark Elder

iii. FEMA – Notification likely in Fall 2022 – Mark Elder

4. Cemetery

a. Caudell-Simmons Annexation into Fortville

i. Filed with County

ii. Impact – Ditch Fee

iii. Letter requesting voluntary annexation? (Joe? Adam? Are we still doing this?)

b. Renovation Status – All complete (see report)

c. Digitized Historical Records- Status and Next Steps

5. Development of Farmland

a. Community Garden

i. Formation of Advisory Committee

ii. BSU Plans and Public Input

iii. Next Steps

b. Berm

i. Reynolds Construction Agreement

ii. Timeline

c. Survey

d. Water

e. Fire Training Area

6. IT Update

a. MS365 Update

b. David Shinn Quarterly Maintenance

c. Website Status

i. Photos

ii. Proofing Stage

7. Office Renovation

a. Update

b. Timeline – Start mid June

c. Temporary Office – Need Rent approved by board.

8. New Business

9. Old Business

10. Motion to Adjourn


Next Meetings:

May 24 at 6:30 p.m. – Fire Territory Board Meeting: Budget and Station Construction

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