Meeting location: Vernon Township Office at 700 W. Broadway, Fortville

Zoom option: Meeting ID: 892 1585 9848 Passcode: 570675 I. Call Meeting to Order – Tim Plank

II. May 19 Board Meeting Minutes – Tim Plank (See Attached)

III. Purchases – Florence May

a. Land Purchase

i. Discussion – Cameron Starnes/Taft

ii.Purchase Contract – See Attached/ Pending PRIDE response

b. Vehicles Purchase i. Discussion

ii.Purchase Resolution – See Attached/ Approved by Fire Territory Board

IV. Financing for McCordsville Station – Florence May

a. Discussion of Financing Options – Oscar Gutierrez/Bondry

b. Schedule of Issuance of Indebtedness – James Shanahan/Taft

c. Next Steps

V. Property Management – Stacy Nielsen

a. 602 Vitality Drive i. Proposed Process & Schedule

1. Order of Magnitude of Office Build Out

2. Township and Fire HQ Offices move to 602 Vitality Drive by December 31, 2021

b. 700 W. Broadway

i. Sales Process & Schedule

ii.602 Vitality move and Fortville Cemetery projects are difficult without sale.

iii. List Documents for Review and Vote (all attached)

1. Timeline

2. Notice of Disposition

3. Property Sale Bid

4. FAQs Property Sale

VI. Policies (Beth/Stacy)

a. Small Purchasing Policy (Attached)

b. Investment Policy (Attached) – Oscar Input requested

c. Capital Asset Policy (Attached) – Michael Input requested

VII. New Business

a. DLGF Budget Meeting scheduled for August 16

b. Board Meeting Schedule (See below)

c. Others

VIII. Old Business

a. EMMA filings. Annual financial information and confirmations as filed with the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (“MSRB”) through its Electronic Municipal Market Access System (“EMMA”). (See email and google drive)

b. County has accepted tornado sirens. Jeff- Pending receipt of signed paperwork.

c. Contract with FARM pending. Stacy working with Erin and Lisa.

d. Headstone replacement at Cauldwell Cemetery pending delivery and installation. Update requested.

e. Others

IX. Call to Adjourn

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