6:30 p.m. at 400 W. Church Street, Fortville 

  1. Call Meeting to Order  –  Tim Plank
  2. Approval of February Minutes – Tim Plank
  3. Equipment Replacement Fund Renewal
    1. Township Notice published in Greenfield Reporter
    2. Ordinance/Resolutions for Town Councils and Township
    3. Public Hearings
    4. Next Steps
      1. Ordinance/Resolutions for Town Councils and Township
      2. Notices of Adoption
      3. Remonstrance Certifications
  4. Public Hearing 
    1. Call Public Hearing to Order
    2. Public Comment
    3. Call Public Hearing to Close

  5. Equipment Replacement Fund Renewal Vote


  1. Finance & Administration 
    1. Debt Report Submitted on Gateway
    2. AFR Submitted on Gateway and Published in Greenfield Reporter 
    3. Workman’s Comp Audit was submitted on 3/10/2022
    4. Updated Internal Controls
    5. Capital Plan 
    6. Work from Home Policy – Jeff Bellamy (Township Association Template)
    7. Air Packs Appropriation
      1. Vernon Township Resolution
        1. Discussion
        2. Vote
      2. McCordsville and Fortville Town Council Next Steps
        1. McCordsville Town Council has unanimously affirmed the appropriation.
        2. Fortville Town Council will vote on the appropriation on Monday, April 21.
    8. Temporary loan for Fortville Fire Station


  1. Community Engagement/Property Management
    1. 2022 Community Garden Survey in process
    2. 2023 Community Garden Planning and BSU Project in process
      1. Developing landscape proposal for 2023 Community Garden
      2. Proposal will be aligned with Fire Territory Training Grounds plan
      3. Board input and community input will be actively sought over the summer
      4. The plan may need to be phased over several years
    3. Healthy Communities Initiative
      1. Partnership with Hancock Regional Wellness Center, FARM, Mt Vernon Schools, Farmers Market etc.
      2. Display of BSU Project at Farmer’s Market for community input
      3. Tour area Community Gardens
    4. F.A.R.M. 2022 Contract
      1. $1500 budgeted
      2. Pending agreement from F.A.R.M.
    5. Monument Sign Update
      1. Construction is complete
      2. Still working on the message portion of the sign
      3. Need to revisit guideline for messages allowed on the sign
    6. Cemetery Update
      1. Gillium Chapel progress
      2. Dumping rubble is an issue
      3. Greenfield Reporter Article on Historical Information
  2. IT Plan
    1. SmartGuys Website Design on SiteGround Servers
      1. Phase I – Move off of Wix to new 
      2. Phase II – Burial Information for each website
    2. ETI/Sharepoint/Emails – Move to Microsoft 365 in process
    3. Access Code Management – Encrypted thumbdrives
    4. Other


  1. New Business
  2. Old Business
  3. Call to Adjourn


Next Meetings

April 11 – Fire Territory Board Meeting at 6:30 p.m. 400 W. Church St., Fortville
April 20 –  Vernon Township Board Meeting at 6:30 p.m at 602 Vitality Drive will include walk thru of office renovation plan.


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