Trustee's Message

Often our residents come to Township staff when they are in time of crisis. There has been a fire or a medical emergency or the loss of a job. In Vernon Township, Hancock County we support the following:

  1. Vernon Township Fire Protection Territory.
    The Township formed Vernon Township Fire Department in the summer of 2019. The Township is now the provider unit for the Territory with our towns as participating units. We provide Fire Protection and EMS Services with 24/7 coverage in both McCordsville and Fortville. More information about VTFD services and prevention programs can be found on their website here.
  2. Township Assistance.
    Vernon Township residents may apply for financial assistance when in a situation of dire need (eg rent eviction, utility disconnect). More information on the guidelines and application process are included here.
  3. Community Engagement.
    The Township contracts with the Fortville Area Resource Mission, a partnership of local food pantries. In addition, we started a Community Garden in 2020 to help supply fresh food to the pantries. We partner with the towns and non-profit agencies on many programs including quarterly blood drives and annual recycling events. Updates are regularly posted on the Vernon Township Facebook page.
  4. Historic Cemeteries.
    The Township is responsible for Caudell-Simmons Cemetery (CR 1050 in Fortville), Cauldwell Cemetery (S.R. 234), McCordsville Cemetery (600 S. McCordsville) and Gillium Chapel (RR Street McCordsville). All four cemeteries were restored between 2018-2022. As development is changing our communities special care must be taken to protect our cemeteries.  McCordsville and the County are working on a protective ditch around the McCordsville Cemetery as the Town Center and a round- about will flank the cemetery on 600. In addition Thursday Pools is putting in a park that will wrap around the Caudell-Simmons Cemetery with trails and parking. Documentation on burials and histories are being digitized in a partnership with the Vernon Township Library. We are working to have the documentation linked to this website in 2024.

When Vernon Township residents reach out to the Township, it is frequently because they are having the worst day of their lives. We hope you don’t need us, but if you do, know we are here to assist or if at all possible, to help you find the information you need.

Florence May, Trustee

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